How to Share Your PlayerFirst Login


  1. Sign in to your PlayerFirst Club App.

  2. Click the hamburger menu.

  3. Click Share Login.

  4. Profiles: select which athlete(s) schedule(s) you wish to share.

    1. Note: if multiple athletes are selected, messaging will not be available.

  5. Permissions: either allow or don’t allow editing rights to athlete attendance, payments and profile info.

  6. Recipient Cell Phone: enter the cell phone for the person you are sending the login info.

  7. Click Send Share Code.

  8. A confirmation screen will display with the unique access code texted to the recipient.

    1. Note: the access code must be entered within 24 hours and will then provide permanent account access to the user. Additional access codes can be generated if the code is not entered in 24 hours and/or for other recipients.


Note: Recipients must download the PlayerFirst Club App and enter the code within 24 hours of receipt. If 24 hours has passed, the Login Owner will need to repeat the share process for a new access code to generate.

  1. Recipients receive a text message with username and access code.

    1. Ex: You are invited to sign in to the PlayerFirst app with username: johndoe123 and access code: abcxxx12de

  2. On the Sign In home screen, click Sign In With An Access Code.

  3. Enter the username and access code from the text message.

  4. Click Sign In With Access Code.